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Snowcats' debut EP "Chester"!

Snowcats – Chester EP – 01 – Witness
Snowcats – Chester EP – 02 – I Love You The Most
Snowcats – Chester EP – 03 – Hecate’s Song
Snowcats – Chester EP – 04 – Respire

Available for free download at!

Receiving high praise for their first single’s “jarring syncopation” and “nightmarish, charming” aesthetic (Livewire, Feb 2022) Snowcats’ first single “Respire” – the lead track from their debut EP “Chester” (released in April 2022) – showcases just the kind of lilting and mellifluous dream-pop that the group are becoming known for. Enjoy their debut release above!

17/03/2022: Hecate’s Song is here! The much-awaited second release from Snowcats is now live on all your favourite streaming platforms; dissonance-infused stamps give way to euphonious lulls and triumphant co-ed choirs that herald the goddess Hecate. Nearly three minutes of melodramatic, sovereign alt-rock/pop share her story of rendezvous with a surface-dwelling human being. Film clip above!

Snowcats are an alt-gaze rock outfit who wed visionary interpretations of stalwart popular song themes to innovative arrangements inside their indie dream-pop terrene of predicted stardom. Featuring established local balladeer (and 2022 QMA-nominated) Alex Edwards on vocals and two peerless fellows plucked from around the ridges of Queensland’s capital, Snowcats converge upon Alex’s 100+ show tally with their own swags of experience to reinvent modern music once and for all. In 2021 they played at King Lear’s Throne, Tomcat, Archive, The Cave Inn, Uh-Oh and Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, and in 2022 have performances expected at The Junk Bar, The Zoo, Stage Right, The New Farm Bowls Club, The Brightside, The Back Room and Black Bear Lodge. They released their debut EP “Chester” in April 2022.

21/07/2022: Update! We have shirts! If you’re interested in stocking up on some trendy and fashionable tees, we are doing some white ones at the moment, and you can order below! Would be fantastical to share our journey in this way with you!:

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